All Things Endo

Endo belly; whose with me?

Today I had a revelation of sorts. ⁣
I’ve ALWAYS struggled with my body image. ⁣
I have a HORRIBLE relationship with food. ⁣
Its been an ongoing issue since I was 12 years old.

What this disease does on the inside, you can’t see it’s destructive ways. ⁣
However, once it creates so much inflammation and chaos it has no where to go but outward; in turn,⁣

I present to you:⁣
⁣The Endo Belly. ⁣

It’s painful, it’s annoying, it makes me feel 5 months pregnant and twice my body weight. ⁣But honestly, I am over it. ⁣

I don’t know if @thebirdspapaya has just been able to break my shell and get her wonderful and inspiring messages to resonate enough with me, but here I am. ⁣

In a crop top, in under pants, in my bathroom; owning it. ⁣
And I think I look pretty stinkin cute! ⁣

So I am over it, I am over the typical baggy sweaters and shirts I would normally aim for during a flare, to try and hide the fact that I look like I swallowed a basket ball. ⁣
This disease has taken so much already, and with the nice weather hopefully around the corner, this endo belly business is NOT stopping me from showing up and having an amazing summer with my family and friends. ⁣

Pool side, beach side, park side; you name it, I am there with all my endo belly glory, and pretty damn proud of it. ⁣

So this summer I want everyone to bring their bodies to the beach in all shapes sizes and forms, embrace what your body does for you each and every day.
Don’t miss out on memories because of your inner demons trying to tear you down.
This disease has taken enough life out of me up until now and I will be damned it if ruins my summer!

Endo belly is out in full force but its not raining on my parade!!! ⁣

By yellowbowsxo

Figuring out how to raise two human beings, while managing an invisible chronic illness.
Follow along this crazy journey I call life.
Mom of Two Boys
Pelvic & Thoracic Endometriosis

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