Its Rainbow Day

It is rainbow pride day at their school today. Their school has their pride flag flying high this morning, in lieu of the Canadian flag. 

I have always been an open minded person and mother. 

There isn’t much in our home that doesn’t get talked about or discussed openly and honestly.

I think with having a female reproductive chronic illness, there isn’t much left in me that I find “taboo” considering I’ve spent a good portion of my life openly talking about my uterus and all its issues. 

From the moment my children were born wether they understood it or not I’ve told them that, you love who you love and that is all that matters. There is no right or wrong way to love, as long as you are kind, respectful, happy and loving; those are the only things that matter.

I make comments often;
“His husband or wife will be so lucky one day”
“He’s going to make a fabulous husband to his partner” 

and often get applauded for them, which is great but it should just be how we raise our children. 

Once they got a little bit older and could understand things more we talked about all the different kinds of families;

some families like ours have a mommy and a daddy.
Some families have one mommy and no daddy.
Some families have 1 daddy and no mommy.
Some families have 2 mommies.
Some families have 2 daddies.
Some families don’t have mommies and daddies and they have grandparents or other adults who love them just as much as their mommy and daddy loves them. 

Needless to say they found this fascinating.

They didn’t seem to find the fact that some families have 2 mommies or 2 daddies fascinating, I honestly don’t even think it registered as anything different.

They were fascinated, upset and didn’t really understand how some kids just like them don’t have a mommy or a daddy. 

“what do you mean their mommy and daddy aren’t there? They live with their Nanna and papa all the time not just for visits”

So that opened a door to a whole other conversation.

I also don’t gender characterize things.
They like what they like. 

My oldest is OBSESSED with machinery, engines, tools and doing whatever dad is doing; but he also likes being a unicorn and the colour purple. 

My youngest is sensitive and sweet and would prefer to do a craft or bake than be in the garage with tools, he loves trucks and the colour blue. 

– it all doesn’t matter. 

They are who they are and they like what they like.
Today we didn’t talk about it being pride day at school.
I explained it was rainbow day, so we need our bright colour shirts and I asked if they wanted a rainbow painted on their cheek. 

Best tactic to get them out of bed! 

If we talked about it being pride day and what it means, than it comes across as “it’s different” and yes when they are old enough to understand I will explain the meaning behind why we celebrate pride. 

But in our house the LGBTQ is no different than anything else,
It is accepted, it is loved and it is respected, The way we should treat anybody and everybody.
So, today is rainbow day because we love all the colours of the rainbow. 

By yellowbowsxo

Figuring out how to raise two human beings, while managing an invisible chronic illness.
Follow along this crazy journey I call life.
Mom of Two Boys
Pelvic & Thoracic Endometriosis

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