Well here we are

We made it to Rhode Island.

The drive here was hard, like really hard and I am not going to lie about that. My anxiety was out of control with the idea of sitting in a car for 9+ hours with 6 other people plus my children and the same position.

How was my body going to respond to it? How was my body going to manage it?
Mother’s day weekend I barely made it to my mom’s house 1.5 hours away in a car, how will I honestly manage to make it over 9 hours.

But I did;
The upside of it all was that there was a plug in front of my seat, a plug for my heating pad.
My saving grace in the whole car ride and a peppermint tea to help with the nausea.
And we made it, we made it safely and soundly and that is all that matters!

My In laws came with us on this trip since we were coming to visit their side of the family, and they know of my disease.
I have always been open with them about it from the start, but they haven’t seen it all happen first hand.
They have never seen the full effects of a flare, they have never seen the struggle and that all changed this week.
I was nervous to say the least, how do I keep a brave face of for 7 days straight when I am around family 18 hours a day, and the reality in that is; you don’t.

I have been managing my flare this week with my heating pad & ignoring it as much as possible.

We have done a lot of walking and exploring and so far my favorite place we have gone is some vegan restaurants in the heart of the downtown area.
We went out to source a vegan place and a place called By Chole in providence Rhode Island was AHMAZING!
From the décor, atmosphere and food it was amazing.

Getting to spend one on one time with my husband and boys has been amazing! No time restrictions, everything this week has been fairly lax with the boys and they love the freedom.
The memories we have made this week so far have been amazing, and we still have 3 more days to make more.

By yellowbowsxo

Figuring out how to raise two human beings, while managing an invisible chronic illness.
Follow along this crazy journey I call life.
Mom of Two Boys
Pelvic & Thoracic Endometriosis

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