I heard about the OhNut a while back.

I was interested, but didn’t know a whole lot about it. 

I am also one of those people who gets really weary buying something online if I haven’t heard from a reputable source that its amazing.

It was a bit pricey at the time for my budget, along with taxes, shipping and the USD-CAD conversion rate, it was gonna be HELLA EXPENSIVE!

So I passed, and thought well maybe another time. 

Than I went to the Endometriosis Summit in March of 2019 in Hoboken NewJersey and to my excitement and disbelief THERE WAS AN OHNUT TABLE!!!!
I got to meet Emily the founder, creator and genius behind it all, she also put me to work as I was there early and she was struggling with some boxes hahaha.

I thought to myself, this is the best time to purchase this!!
I don’t have to pay shipping!!!!! 

I was soooo excited to bring this thing home and see how it all works!!

My husband was slightly skeptical! 

Ive ALWAYS had painful or uncomfortable sex. 

Prior to my hysterectomy the only comfortable less painful position I could handle being penetrated was doggy style.
For some reason now, after my hysterectomy every position is fine except for doggy style. 

Sometimes depending on the time of the month or where I am in my cycle, sex can be more painful than other times, it often feels like I am being stabbed in the stomach, I am going to vomit or he is going to puncture through my belly button. 

There are times where he just feels to large for me to be able to handle, and that it just becomes super painful and unenjoyable.
There is always constant questions during our intimacy 

“Is this okay?”
“Does it hurt?”

“Is this hurting you?”

“Are you even enjoying this”

The OhNut is amazing at so many multiple things.
It is 4 individual donuts thats link together much like lego. You can choose how many links you want and that creates the amount of a buffer that you need. Anywhere from 1-4 donuts; I prefer 3.
You link them together and you slide them onto the base of the penis; lube is super important in this step. 

My biggest fear with this products guys, was that he was going to feel the restriction. 

That he wasn’t going to enjoy it. 

That he was going to feel the difference. 

Because thats usually how things with endo go don’t they? Something that gives you a benefit always has a downside, us endo warriors have dealt with that for years with treatments and options.

But guys!!!!!


FINALLY, it was good for him AND ME!! 

I didn’t have to worry about the pain, I didn’t have to worry about pushing myself higher on him so he couldn’t get in as far, I didn’t have to worry about clenching my fists and than telling him I cant do this. 

And there’s an added benefit to it!!

Yes thats right, it has even more benefits!!

It acts as a cock ring as well.
If you’re not familiar what the benefits to a cock ring are, they help constrict the blood blow to the penis and help maintain a longer lasting erection. 

Aka- he doesn’t ejaculate as fast. 

We use the Ohnut often and it has definitely helped our issues of painful penetration. 

If you are interested in trying the Ohnut for yourself (I highly recommend it) check out their website, you will find a lot more information on the Ohnut there!!

Also if you are wanting to purchase one, I do have a $10 off promo code!! 

Whoop Whoop!!

At check use code ACAMARA