About Me

Who is she and where did she come from? A few things to get off the table before you dive deep into all aspect of her life.

Her name is Alexandra, but she goes by Alex.

She lives in Ontario Canada, born & raised. 

She married her high school sweet heart and they have two beautiful boys who are 5 & 7 years old.

She started this blog after realizing she suffers from a rarer form of a chronic Illness and when it started to effect her daily life it became really isolating. 

She started to share more about her journey via Instagram so she could possibly find other people out there suffering the same disease and to feel less alone.

Using social media as a sounding board she is finding there is a huge positive response from other people out there suffering in silence and applauding her for being a voice. 

So its going to get a little loud, as she creates awareness, educates, inspires, advocates and empowers her readers on all things related to endometriosis and motherhood.