My Thoughts Purpose

Know Your Tribe

Know your tribe.

In the early stages of building this platform, creating my blog and trying to figure out where I stood and what I had to offer the digital social media world, every single webinar, blog post and influencer I talked to all talked about the same thing.

Know your tribe.

I didn’t fully understand this….
What tribe? What do you mean? I have my family, I have my friends and I have my endo warriors and those are all FREAKING AMAZING PEOPLE in my life, but surely there aren’t thousands upon thousands of family, friends and warriors all out there on social media.

Sure we take up a huge percentage but not everyone is on social media.
1/2 my family doesn’t even have social media and they are my biggest supporters, so how do I find more?
Do I make my family, friends and neighbours create accounts and follow my blog?

Do I knock on my neighbours doors and ask them to sign up for my monthly email stating there’s a new blog post up?

How do I find a larger tribe?

I struggled with this for over a year, I won’t lie.
I constantly looked up to advocates, non profits, influencers and companies with large followings and engagements to see what pages I could take out of their books and how they made it happen.

It doesn’t happen over night, that’s for darn sure.
Being a person who wants instant gratification and perfection was something really hard to deal with, but at the same time if it all came easy than you wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

There are times, MANY TIMES when I am in the space and the rough days can sometimes turn into rough weeks, and I sit back and think “Do I really want to continue to do this?” “Do I really want to constantly put myself out there to be vulnerable to be critiqued and criticized?”

And that’s when I realize where my tribe comes in.

Find your tribe!

Find the people who support you and love you for who you are.
Who don’t judge you because you let your kids eat chocolate after dinner.

Who don’t talk badly about you because of the way you wear your hair or makeup.
Who don’t have anything but positive things to think about when they think of your name.

Who are truly there for you when you need it most.

And I have found that my tribe has shown up in the times I’ve needed them most, without them actually realizing it.

I find the universe works in mysterious ways…I will be having a really rough day or week or sometimes lets be honest it can turn into a month (thanks covid)
And I sit and self doubt, internalize, over think and think about how none of what I have to say is anything decent and to be frank no one really cares.

Then a UPS lady drops a package off at my front door and there is a gift in a box for myself or my family, from one of my tribe members.


I get a heart felt letter or post card in the mail on a random Wednesday saying they are always there for me whenever I need it and they are thinking of me, from one of my tribe members.


I get emails, texts or dm’s asking how my day or week is going and if there is anything that they can do for me or simply checking in and sending me love to let me know they are thinking of me, from my tribe members.

Find your tribe.

I get it now, whole heartedly I get it!
I understand it!
It’s about having people care, truly whole heartedly, genuinely care for you, your wellbeing and your family.

Never in my life would I ever think that I would have met, made the connections or the best friends that I have today, through social media.

But honestly, they are some of the best.

I am so beyond thankful and appreciative of absolutely everything my tribe has given me.
I can’t thank each and every one of you enough,
I am sending you love, light and positivity.


My Why

I have been having an internal chat with myself over the last couple days; about my WHY. ⁣

I’ve been asked recently as well by a few people in the medical industry about my WHY. ⁣

Why did I decide to become so vocal? ⁣
Why did I decide to document every shit thing happening in my life? ⁣
Why did I decide to be so open and honest about all that I experience? ⁣

This little girl in this photo is a huge portion of that why. ⁣

She looks up to me. ⁣
I am a huge influence for her. ⁣
She strives to be just like me when she gets older.⁣
She is not my daughter, but she is like a niece. ⁣

My why is for her and the 10% of girls JUST LIKE HER. ⁣

I hope to change the way this disease is diagnosed and treated for the generations of women coming up behind me. ⁣

I don’t want the generation behind me to have to face the 7-10 year diagnosed time frame.
I don’t want the generation behind me to be told over and over again that a hysterectomy  will cure them.
I don’t want the generations behind me to be mislead by your run of the mill OB-Gyn.

There is so much education that needs to be brought to light and brought to the table about proper care, the gold standard of care and a lot of women with the disease are unaware of it.
⁣I hope to bring awareness and advocacy of proper information and resources in order for these women to receive better care in a quicker time frame. ⁣

It only takes one drop of rain to create a ripple. ⁣

We suffered enough, let’s turn our experiences into a benefit for those behind us who don’t know what they are up against. ⁣


The Start Of It All

There I was; only 14 years old.

Doubled over in pain, not understanding what could possibly cause this much pain. I couldn’t feel my legs, it felt like the vice that my dad had bolted to his work bench in the garage was squeezing itself onto my lower back. 

I had to sit down on a bench in the middle of the mall because I could barley breathe through it. My friend who was with me at the time went to the drug store to buy me some ibuprofen and promised in 20 minutes it would solve my problems;

It did not. 

This was the beginning of my very long and traumatic journey with a disease called endometriosis. 

The one upside I felt I had in this entire journey of mine was the fact that my mother was diagnosed with this disease years prior, so when I started to exhibit the same symptoms we at least knew what we were up against. 

What we didn’t realize was the amount of frustration we would have to face with trying to convince doctors that this is in fact what it was.
The amount of misinformation out there that doctors have on this disease is the reason it takes on average 7-10 years for a woman to be diagnosed.
No wonder it takes that long, I spent 5 years in and out of doctors offices telling them what was wrong with me and they still wouldn’t believe me. 

So for a person to walk into a doctors office exhibiting all of these awful symptoms but yet has no idea what is the cause behind it, and the doctor not having a clue either, you can imagine how frustrating it all is.

At the age of 19 I finally got my surgical diagnosis, and as sad as it is to be told you have an incurable disease and essentially we know why you feel like this but cant really fix it, it was great knowing. 

I finally had an answer.
I finally knew my mom and I were right after all those years.
I finally could work on a proper hormone therapy treatment to help.
I finally moved 1 step.

I didn’t realize it was the first step of a million.